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Chef Kapoor's is originally from a Punjabi background hails from the city of Jhalandar,Punjab and raised in Mulund,Bombay (now Mumbai). A career oriented man who has great passion for cooking traditional Indian food!


He has been in the restaurant business for over thirthy years, started in Mumbai worked in many  star hotel-restaurants in Mumbai, relocated to Orlando, Florida. He opened a few Gateway To India locations in Kissimmee and I Drive but then sold it after a while to concentrate on Longwood location.

India has long been known as the spice bowl of the world!

The Europeans are well exposed to the spice more than any other non-Indian cultures.  My mission is to share this knowledge with everyone.

The use of premium quality spices in this blessed land was an establish way of life long before traders, among them Arab, English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish came to the area lured by valuable spices, spectacular geography, fascinating ancient customs and glorious food, all continue to draw foreigners to this magical land.

The key to successful Indian cooking lies in the art of the blending spices and herbs rather than sophisticated cooking technique.

Herbs are added to a dish during the cooking to add flavor and aroma, but spices including those used mainly for taste or for aroma perform a more complex role almost all spices have great use in culinary art.

Indian food is based on the six tastes (RASA in Sanskrit) sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent. Everyone needs a certain amount of each amount of six tastes. Sweet for nourishment and harmonage of the mind.

Sour stimulates the digestive fire and enzymes. Salty tastes stimulates digestions, clears abstractions in the channels in the body. Causes sweating and increase the power of digestion. Pungent taste as in onion, pepper, garlic, ginger which improve metabolism and dilates channel in the body. Food with bitter taste eliminates bacterial elements, purifies the blood and light and digestion. Astrigent taste such as bettelenut leaf , green vegetables (palak-spinach),tumeric (Haldi) and food containing tannin like tea pauses the properties to heal inner ulcers and wounds.

Indian cuisine is usual in its flexibility; there are no rigid recipes here in the Western World. Traditional dishes such as curries are not written down but passed on through generations,the cooks adding and altering each time.

Curry means a dish with thin or thick gravy especially to combine with Basmatie Rice (Long Grain refined rice) or to be eaten with different kind of Indian flat breads.

The traditional way to eating the Indian food by fingers makes your more satisfied than eating it with fork and knife. The touch with all five fingers to your mouth is so heavenly not because of the food but because our five fingers represents the elements of the Universe there presence in your five fingers.

We welcome you to our culturally inspired experience in the exploration of all the five senses and we hope that your journey is both fulfilling and spiritual. We urge you to experiment in all avenues of dining from our extensive entrees and wine menus, imported beers and exotic flavors of our cuisine to enhance all of your sense.

Chef Paul Kapoor 





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